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    I’ll start! I’m looking forward to the keynotes. Last year’s were awesome – full of excitement and energy. Oh, and the Nothing Bundt Cake was nice, too!

    Hoping to see my friend @jgirardidataself-com on stage again!

    And Bob Ballard Bob Ballard

    The man who made some of the most startling underseas discoveries in recent years.

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    I’m excited to hear about the Hackathon. It grew a lot last year, so I imagine it will be even bigger this year with even better innovations. Can’t wait to hear what they come up with!

    Liz Anderson

    Planning is in full swing for this year’s summit! Excited that acu-connect is getting the opportunity to present a session on Monday, January 27th at 4:30 again this year. More details to come, so save the date/time!

    In the meantime, Repay (previously APS Payments) is also partnering up with a few other sponsors to present a “What to Know Before you Go” session on Acumatica Summit for first time attendees or attendees who want to make the most of their event. Register today: https://creditcardprocessing.apspayments.com/acumatica-summit-2020

    Patty Benitez

    We are excited to see everyone at the Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas! Thank you to Acumatica for organizing and allowing us to be a part of it! It is a jam-packed agenda and we can’t wait to listen, learn and share.


    I’m attending the Hackathon…. I’m both excited and terrified. LOL. But this is also my very first Acumatica Summit so I’m just excited in general to get to experience the whole thing and see what its like.

    Jeffrey Franklin

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Acumatica Summit and to head to nice WARM weather! I hope! Will meet everyone at Big Shot on top of the Stratoshere. I swear you can see California at night!!

    It will also be nice to meet up with everyone at the acu-connect get together on Monday 1/27 at 4:30.

    Joni Girardi

    Unlike Jeff, I look forward to Vegas’ FREEZING weather. I know, anything above 30F in late Jan is warm for most of the country. Hahahaha!
    I also look forward to having drinks on me to the acu-connect user above who said that want to see me on stage again. 😉
    And I sure look forward to meeting with all friends, partners and clients from this exciting community, making new ones, and feeling the buzz in the air and conversations.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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