New Webinar Series for Acumatica Developers

Acumatica is bringing new tools and resources for developers to stay ahead of the curve and stay informed. Several Developer-targeted webinars will be released to demonstrate the anticipated features in Acumatica 2019 R1. These webinars will feature a total breakdown of the code and the process for implementing these new features.

Acumatica is offering these webinars to ensure the developer community is informed about the improvements and the impact that these features and changes may have on existing implementations.

Check out the topics below and mark your calendar for the webinars most relevant to you and your business:


Credit Card Processing Enhancements

The first webinar will explain the prospective roadmap for the Acumatica credit card processing plugin for 2019 R2, and expand upon what is coming in 2019 R1.


Generic Inquiry Improvements

This webinar will demonstrate all of the features supported by Generic Inquiries as well as reveal some future concepts that Acumatica is developing. Also included will be some useful tips & tricks as well as gathering your feedback on improvements to make.


Customization Manager Improvements

Acumatica 2019 R1 contains several changes that allows you to get your solution certified more easily.  This webinar will also talk about the certification process and certification tools.


BQL Enhancements

In this webinar, the Acumatica team will introduce a number of enhancements for BQL. These include Linq support for BQL, new FBQL syntax and some other minor improvements.


API Enhancements and Limitations

With the release of 2019 R1, Acumatica is introducing multiple improvements to contract based APIs in the 2018 R1 release that aim to make life easier for integration developers.  Attend this webinar to learn more about these improvements, and also learn more about upcoming enhancements and optimizations that will be discussed related to creating Sales Orders, Shipments, Bills and Purchase Receipts.

Repay (previously known as APS Payments) will be attending the Credit Card Processing Enhancements session on February 22, 2018!  You can learn more by reading this blog from the Acumatica Developer Network or register by clicking on any of the webinar titles above that you wish to attend.  We hope to see you online!  If you happen to miss one, don’t worry – Acumatica plans to record each one.  We will be sure to publish here on Acu-Connect when they become available.