3 Reasons a Connecticut Based Lighting Manufacturer Chose Acumatica Cloud ERP

Let’s face it, every business is unique and needs a different way to handle their accounting systems. It can be challenging to find an ERP system without a “one size fits all” policy that will work for every business. Are you a business owner looking to upgrade your accounting system but need an ERP system that is tailored to your company?

Fidelux Lighting, a Connecticut based lighting manufacturer, faced the same predicament. After 5 years of consecutive growth, an upgrade to a more efficient financial system was needed.

Why did they make the choice to upgrade with Acumatica Cloud ERP?

Fidelux Lighting had specific needs that had to be met such as:

  1. They needed a platform that was easy to navigate by every division.
  2. The company needed software that could be maintained in the future with little outside help.
  3. The new system could continue to adapt with the growing business

This is exactly what Acumatica did for them. Notice how Leslie Alt, Senior Software Support Specialist as Fidelux Lighting, felt Acumatica met their needs:

  • “I was able to work with the import tables, so I really know where the data is going. It is very intuitive. Acumatica is not secretive about their code, the information is not hidden.”
  • “A main benefit of Acumatica is being able to do things the way we want to do them instead of just working around what you get out of the box. The fact that we can adapt it ourselves, with minimal outside help, is a big bonus.”
  • “I know that we will continue to adapt the ERP system for our own needs; that is the sign of a growing business. With Acumatica, we have the flexibility to do this.”

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Fidelux Lighting chose Acumatica because they knew no matter what their current or future needs would be, Acumatica would be an adaptable tool that would fit all of them at an affordable price.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com