Direct Store Delivery Software Keeps Distributors, Clients, and Consumers Connected

A modern software solution can help move your direct store delivery process in the right direction and improve your bottom line.

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) is a B2B process that distributors and manufacturers use to market, sell, and deliver consumer goods directly from their own warehouses to outlet stores. Businesses utilizing a DSD model need to optimize resources and improve their invoice-to-cash cycle while at the same time reduce operating costs per route. The ultimate solution is a fully integrated ERP solution which also specifically addresses DSD requirements.

The Challenge

In DSD operations, managing hundreds of daily orders which need to be delivered in a very short time, without the help of delivery and route planning software, is next to impossible. Operations where a high quantity of orders need to be sorted by hand, grouped in batches, picked from one or multiple warehouses and loaded / checked on the delivery vehicle order by order, require many resources and is a highly error prone process.

A similar challenge is faced by route settlers and cashiers when delivery vehicles are reconciled at the end of the day, especially in ‘Cash on Delivery’ environments. This latter process requires stock to be manually reconciled, return orders to be created one-by-one and processed manually, cash collected needs to be recorded and payments created one at a time and allocated to the originating invoices. Such processes, besides being time consuming, are prone to mistakes which result in unreliable information, disputes, risks of cash “going missing” and decreased customer satisfaction.

The Next Generation Solution to DSD

Orbis DSD Route Accounting & Planning extends Acumatica to provide feature rich functionality for DSD operations. It streamlines complex distribution processes to reduce response times and costs – resulting in increased revenue and customer loyalty that ultimately keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Your business will be able to cut costs associated with distribution, merchandising, delivery, receiving and payment procedures – and unearth new opportunities for route sales staff. This enables you to increase revenue, take larger orders, execute faster and more accurate deliveries, accelerate cash flow, manage inventory smarter, improve customer loyalty, increase performance of merchandisers, sales and delivery reps, and reduce administrative costs.

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