Enterprise Software Podcast Coverage of Acumatica Summit

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For the second year in a row, the crew from Enterprise Software Podcast set up shop at Acumatica Summit, recording interviews with attendees.

Enterprise Software Podcast is a bimonthly podcast dedicated to all things mid-market ERP software. Co-hosts and industry veterans Bob McAdam, Todd McDaniel, and Darcy Boerio have published over 100 episodes over the course of the past five years.

Guests for this year’s two-part episode include representatives of acu-connect Founding Member companies Paramount WorkPlace, DataSelf, DSD Business Systems, and Repay (previously APS Payments), along with a number of partners, customers, and Acumatica team members including Jon Roskill.

Conversation topics with the 17 guests that were interviewed range from manufacturing to motor sports, and everything in between. All the guests shared unique insights about their experiences with Acumatica Summit and Acumatica in general. Each interview is around 4-5 minutes long, so it’s a fun, fast-paced listen.

Listen to Part 1

Guests include Jon Roskill, Kris Lengieza, George Mackiewicz, Nicole Ronchetti, Christian Lindberg, and Patricia Bennett.

Listen to Part 2

Guests include Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Liz Anderson, Patty Benitez, Derrick Elledge, Mike Conti, Foy Mainor, Kurt Bangert, Zack Van Valkenburg, Martha Lucia Groulx, Paul Layton, and Shawn Slavin.

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