Manufacturing in 2020 Is Changing Faster Than Ever Before – 3 Ways Acumatica Can Help

acu-connect Explains How Savvy Leaders Are Preparing for Manufacturing in 2020 and Beyond

As a manufacturing leader, we don’t need to tell you that the stakes are getting higher every year. You know this. You are living this. Every day, you are reminded that manufacturing in 2020 is significantly more competitive than it was in 2019 or the years before – and that your business needs to focus on agile adaptation to stay ahead.

But there’s a big, glaring issue with having to focus on agile adaptation: you don’t have the time to shift your focus to anything except maintaining your momentum day after day after day.

Fortunately, acu-connect is here to help you shift focus and get more done with your Acumatica ERP, effortlessly. Learn more in the handy, on-demand webinar, “2020 Manufacturing Trends for Acumatica.” Access the webinar here.

What Will You Learn in the Webinar?

We get it. You don’t have time to waste on all those useless webinars that promise a lot – and then deliver boring demos. This webinar is different.

This webinar respects your limited time, presenting a fast-paced introduction to 3 key manufacturing tools you can use to make your business get more done, in less time than ever before.

The webinar covers:

1. A clear introduction to Industry 4.0 and 5.0

Gain critical insight into what’s coming next for manufacturing in 2020 with this in-depth presentation on the fourth industrial revolution of cyber-physical systems (which we are currently living through). Learn how cloud, mobile, IoT, data, and robotic automation are driving technology and the manufacturing industry forward at a breakneck pace – and find out what you can expect next.

2. On-demand insight for manufacturing CEOs

You’ve never seen anything like this before. The newest Business Intelligence (BI) tools in the DataSelf add-on solution for Acumatica are embedded within your Acumatica dashboards to deliver key metrics exactly when you need them. See how DataSelf leverages natural language processing to help you run ad-hoc queries with no programming skill required, and to drill down into your most important accounts, locations, QC issues, and even the secrets behind why your top operators are so efficient – all with DataSelf.

3. Credit card processing savings 

Do you know how much money your manufacturing company is losing in 2020 due to credit card processing charges? Probably not, because the credit card processing industry is pretty intent on keeping the reasons behind their numbers a secret. In the Manufacturing Trends webinar, Patty Benitez from Repay (formerly APS Payments) breaks open the truth of credit card processing fees and charges – and shows you how you can save potentially 33% on your current charges with absolutely no extra work on your part. Even better, if you give Patty the chance to beat your current credit card processing rates, you could win a crisp $500. It’s all in the webinar – and it’s so worth your time.

It only takes one hour of your time to learn what’s coming next in the manufacturing world, see how you can gain instant insight into urgent production questions, and potentially win $500 (or save thousands of dollars on credit card processing). What is there to lose by watching the on-demand webinar? Nothing. That’s what.

So, you may as well watch the webinar right now

When you’re done, acu-connect will be right here, ready to help you answer your questions and get your Acumatica manufacturing system working better for you than ever before.

Make Your Manufacturing in 2020 a Lean, Efficient Machine

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Not familiar with acu-connect yet? Begin exploring our 100% free, in-depth resources by checking out the “2020 Manufacturing Trends for Acumatica” webinar. We look forward to helping you increase your business efficiency, so you can improve your competitive edge for manufacturing in 2020 and beyond.

Watch the “2020 Manufacturing Trends for Acumatica” webinar now.