23 Must-Have Items to Bring to the 2023 Acumatica Summit

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23 Must-Have Items to Bring to the 2023 Acumatica Summit

The 2023 Acumatica Summit is right around the corner, so it’s time to start preparing! Luckily, the EBizCharge team is a proud sponsor of the Acumatica Summit comprised of seasoned veterans that can help.

First things first, don’t forget to complete registration prior to the event to ensure there’s a name tag waiting for you upon arrival. This name tag should consist of your name and business and should be kept on your person throughout the entire event.

We know that traveling to events can be stressful, so creating a list of everything you need before your trip is always a great idea. Thankfully, EBizCharge has created a checklist for you to make this process a little easier. Here are some items you may want to bring to the 12th Annual Acumatica Summit:


  • Business casual attire
  • Comfortable shoes (sneakers/tennis shoes, business-appropriate shoes, etc.)
  • A comfortable jacket
  • Athletic clothes for events like morning yoga or the morning run through Vegas
  • Pajamas or clothes to sleep in
  • Travel mug
  • Mints
  • Lotion and lip balm for that dry Las Vegas weather

Travel Essentials:

  • Mobile devices (smartphone, laptop, etc.)
  • Portable charger and a charging cable
  • Purse or a backpack
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, hair brush, makeup, hairspray, etc.)
  • First aid kit (aspirin, allergy medication, Band-Aids, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer and tissues
  • Sunscreen
  • Reusable water bottle


  • Pens and a notepad
  • Business cards
  • Reading glasses
  • Sunglasses
  • Energy bars and other packable snacks to keep you going
  • Hat
  • Stain treatment (Tide To Go pens to get rid of small stains quickly)

Now that you have everything you need for the 2023 Acumatica Summit, it’s time to create a game plan. To start, here are a few questions to ask yourself… What do you hope to learn? Who would you like to connect with during this event? Which sessions would you like to prioritize?

Once you’ve clearly defined your purpose for attending this event, you can check the agenda to create a schedule to make sure all the sessions you hope to attend don’t overlap with each other.

With a detailed game plan in place and this helpful checklist to reference, you can plan your days to get the most out of each seminar, network with other industry professionals, and take full advantage of the interactive learning experience that the 2023 Acumatica Summit provides.