Navigating the Intersection of Tax Compliance and Shipping Efficiency

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In this blog post, we will explore what your workforce needs to steer through the complex waters
of tax compliance and shipment processing: Avalara & Starship’s seamless integrations with

The Beacon of Compliance: Avalara

Avalara is a seasoned navigator that has been charting tax waters since 2004. With roughly
30,000 clients spanning nearly 100 countries and integrations with an abundance of ERPs and
point of sale systems, Avalara is working to simplify the ever-changing compliance

Avalara’s partnership with Acumatica started over a decade ago and is supported on all
versions and releases of Acumatica. Their platform simplifies compliance for businesses
bogged down by the dynamic nature of tax laws by utilizing a tax engine with more than 10,000
tax codes.

“So, whether it’s sales tax calculations, permitting returns, managing your exemption certificate,
your business licenses, providing international compliance or providing compliance research,
Avalara is truly that.” – Connor O’Donnell, Avalara

The Voyage of StarShip

StarShip ensures your cargo reaches its destination with optimal routing, accurate freight
charges, and timely deliveries. Imagine turning complex shipping needs into a harmonious ballet
where every step and every leap is orchestrated with perfect timing.

StarShip’s integration with Acumatica fine-tunes the shipping processes. With its multi-carrier,
multi-mode capabilities, StarShip makes shipping seamless. From domestic parcels to
international freights, their cloud-based approach ensures businesses stay updated without the
need for manual interventions.

“With Acumatica, it’s a real time integration, and that means bringing in the data as well as
pushing it back. So as soon as we click ship and process inside Starship, they going to receive
shipping labels and any of those different types of shipping documents, but we’re also then
going to automatically update Acumatica.” – Matt St. John, Starship

Avalara and Starship’s strategic integration of taxation and shipping solutions are aiming to bolster business efficiency and compliance in an increasingly complex landscape. Contact Avalara and StarShip to discover how their expertise can transform your operational challenges into triumphs.

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