B2B E-Commerce Challenges and How to Solve Them

B2B E-Commerce Challenges and How to Solve Them


June 11, 2024    
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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On the second Tuesday of every month, The ISV Society hosts an informative Monthly Chat designed to educate and empower you. In just 20 action-packed minutes, you’ll gain valuable insights and connect with industry experts, ISVs, partners, and more!

This June, we’re tackling the exciting yet complex world of B2B ecommerce with the help of k-ecommerce and LBMC. Together, we’ll chat about common hurdles and explore effective solutions to overcome them.

Here’s what will cover:

  • Where to start with e-commerce
  • B2B relationships – Strategies that can help maintain and enhance a personalized experience online
  • B2B buyers need more ways to pay
  • Multi-vendor setup versus an all-in-one solution

So come and join me on June 11 and every month for only 20 minutes and hear from these amazing experts to help you navigate through these e-commerce challenges.

Date: 06/11/24
Time: 4 PM ET