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acu-connect Blog Submission Guidelines - acu-connect

acu-connect Blog Submission Guidelines

Thank You for Contributing to acu-connect

We appreciate your partnership!
Please read the guidelines below to prepare your blog post to the acu-connect blog.

Our community is a rich tapestry of Acumatica Cloud ERP users, experts, and enthusiasts. We aim to foster a space where knowledge, experiences, and insights about the Acumatica ecosystem are shared in a way that adds value to our diverse audience.

To maintain the quality and relevance of content, we kindly ask our contributors, including partners and sponsors, to adhere to the following guidelines and best practices.

Know Our Audience

  • Acumatica Customers: Focus on solving problems or enhancing their understanding of Acumatica Cloud ERP with your offering as the solution. Share success stories or how-to guides.
  • Acumatica Software Resellers (VARs): Offer insights on market trends, tips for selling, and case studies. Many resellers may use your blog content as a jumping off point to engage with you or share it with a prospect.

Content Quality and Uniqueness

  • Avoid being overtly salesy: You should aim first to educate, not sell. If your blog article reads like a repurposed/reformatted brochure, it will not be accepted.
  • Acumatica-specific: Submissions should focus on topics directly relevant to the Acumatica community. This includes best practices, tips, case studies, and innovative uses of Acumatica.
  • Uniqueness: Ensure at least 80% of the content of each blog is unique. (Note that for each 80%+ unique blog you submit, you can submit one that is published elsewhere that will be flagged as canonical content, but those must also adhere to these guidelines).

Structure and Presentation

  • Well-Structured Document: Submit your content in a Word document with clear headings, text, and placement of images.
  • Feature Image Requirement: Attach a feature image in *.jpg format, sized at 1200 x 600.

Content Style and Voice

  • Value-Driven: Focus on delivering practical value. This could be through problem-solving, sharing insights, or providing actionable advice.
  • Authenticity and Tone: Maintain a genuine, respectful, and informative tone. Avoid overly promotional language.

Focus on Industry Insights and Trends

  • Beyond the Product: Discuss broader industry trends, challenges, and innovations in the ERP space, providing context for Acumatica’s role and solutions.
  • Research-Based Content: Include industry research, surveys, or data analysis, offering valuable insights.

Thought Leadership and Expert Opinions

  • Expert Contributions: Invite recognized industry experts to contribute, ensuring a high standard of insightful content.
  • Opinion Pieces on Industry Challenges: Share your views on current and future ERP industry challenges and Acumatica’s role in addressing them.

Content Substance

  • Storytelling and Case Studies: Use real-life anecdotes or case studies to engage and connect with readers.
  • Educational Approach: Emphasize educating over selling. Aim to inform the reader about solving problems and improving their experience with Acumatica.
  • Benefit Highlighting: Discuss benefits in a non-pushy way, helping readers understand the ‘why’ behind your solutions.

Calls to Action (CTA)

  • Guiding, Not Pushing: Encourage readers to explore more or take the next steps in an informative manner without hard-selling.

Engagement and Transparency

  • Encourage Interaction: Pose questions or prompts that foster community discussion and feedback.
  • Disclosure: Be transparent about any affiliations or biases. Strive for objective, balanced content.

Review Process

  • Submission Review: Our team will review each submission to ensure adherence to these guidelines.

Thank you for contributing to our community! We look forward to your insightful and valuable content.

Feeling overwhelmed about understanding all this information?
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